University and College Enrollment

The entry requirement for university and college may vary according to the institution. Students need to meet certain criteria such as English language proficiency, an academic requirement before getting enrolled into university and colleges.

Undergraduate degrees require an Australian Senior School Certificate of Education (Year 12) or the overseas equivalent of this. Some degrees may also have certain pre-requisite subjects and grades.
Entry to postgraduate courses requires completion to a satisfactory standard of a bachelor’s degree. Prospective students may also need to demonstrate research ability or relevant work experience.

What student needs to do before applying for University/college enrollment?

The student should send their application to the agent attaching all the required documents.
Check if the document is translated and certified. You should make sure that all the conditions are met.
Accept the Offer and apply for the COE for which you will have to send us:
1. Signed acceptance form.
2. Proof of paying the first installment.

Student Visa Application
Plan your trip to Australia and attain your orientation.

What does the University/College need to do?

The university will process your application and send you an offer letter.
Letter of Offer will include
1. Offer of admission
2. Acceptance form
3. Payment form
4. Payment options

The University will receive the acceptance form and proof of payment.
Electronic Confirmation of Enrollment is issued.

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All the Educational Counsellors at The Nirvana hold professional certifications, and it is a pre-requisite for all our appointed counsellors.

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